One of the biggest residence buildings of Europe...

Polat Tower Residence introduces a new dimension is way of living thanks its location in the city center that makes it extremely convenient to have access to.


The project was initiated by Polat İnşaat, one of the most reputable and experienced organization of Turkey. The construction works for the project consisted 42-floor tower with a height of 152m began as of January 30, 1999.

Polat İnşaat set out to provide people to live in their own residence under the luxury specific to 5-star hotels.

In the course of implementing Polat Tower Residence, it was intended to incorporate the most advanced and trust-worthy technologies of that date, that would suit contemporary expectations.

The single and fully-automated residence of its time has been realized in cooperation with HONEYWELL INT., the most remarkable American company in technologic equipment and automation systems.

Complete with the top level technologies of its era, the building is still model for contemporary companies to be inspired.

Available with 71 m2 and 81 m2 floor areas with 3.2 meter ceiling height, the studios consist of a hall, room, bathroom and kitchen.

The standard equipment provided within the studios include refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave oven, garbage grinder, Jacuzzi, over, electrical cooker, coat hanger, refurbished kitchen and both cabinets.

There are service providers for home clearing, try cleaning and car washing in the building.

The studios are complete with its own air conditioner and fresh air feeder for automatic ventilation. The residents are provided with high quality water by treatment unit installed for main water at the building entry.

Thanks to the generator provided, the power failures are completely eliminated.

Intelligent electronic meters allow utilities expenses billed on “as used” basis.