General Info

Polat Tower Residence is a tower building of 152,1m high consisted of 447 independent sections which are rested on one of the radial general foundation whose thickness is 4 m, one of the most robust rock formation that stretches between Mecidiyeköy up to Fulya districts.

With such a location and architectural structure, Polat Tower is designed to resist even the most severe earthquake that may occur. The seismic sensors located within the reinforced concrete and its surrounding is connected to online to Kandilli Observatory. By this way, the signals received from Observatory allow early earthquake sensing that triggers several scenarios via existing automation system. These are includes the triggering generator system under the foresight of electric power supply failure, cutting natural gas supply to the building and purges system piping to atmosphere, switches off the lifts and warns the people against earthquake by electronic announce. Meanwhile, the sensors record valuable information for the scientists. Finally, it introduces, by deducing the small-scale quakes, additional regulation within the building system by devising further measures for more severe earthquake.


The building is equipped with 2x 1600 KWA transformers of its own. Upon transformation, the low voltage electricity is delivered to the building via busbar type modules.

The electronic panel is provided at the entry of the detached sections, which controls all electro-mechanical systems, reads the meters, warns the user, controls all RF devices in the flat, ensures the communication with the reception, delivers the images of the incoming visitors, reports all failures and irregularities to the owners and service provider, warns the user on any fire, security issue, payment information on online basis, thanks its uninterrupted operation irrespective of failures.

There are 3 generators capable of feeding the building requirement in case of electric supply failure. Of all generators, 3 of them serve to the residences and one of them to the shops. Total power ratings of the generators for the shops and residences are 1600 KWA, and 4500 KWA , respectively. These generators cut in automatically to supply power in 17 seconds at their full capacity. The generators are complete with fuel storage that will be sufficient for one-week operation in case of serious emergency.

Uninterrupted power supply - UPS at the rate of 250 KWA is provided to supply power for the unit that serves to building automation system and low-voltage system to prevent loss of electronic data in case of power failure.

Polat Tower has been commissioned as leading building that is equipped with the biggest automation system of that time. This system is provided by HONEYWELL Company, which is complete with a unique interface that controls following systems

• Isıtma Sistemi
• Heating System
• Ventilation System
• Air-conditioning System
• Illumination System
• Entry Control System
• Fire Sensing System
• Security System
• Gas Sensing System

There are intelligent meters installed, which controls the electric consumption of each flat separately. The meters are also in operation with the electronic systems of the building. Separate measurements are performed for electricity by the public switched network and generator supplies. By this way, no payment is made for locally produced electricity not used by the resident.


The heating unit is installed on top of Polat Tower Residence as a safety measure in case of an emergency. The boilers complete with 4x 1.100.000 kcal/h nominal power are equipped for synchronized operation. The power saving is provided by automatic determination of the capacity requirements.

Instantaneous hot water requirements from the flats are fed by the boilers. The comfort conditions are increased by supply of water in short distances. There are temperature gauges measuring incoming/outgoing water. By this way, billing is based on the exact use of the hot water for heating and daily usage.


Polat Tower is complete with 2500 m3 water reservoir suitable for 1-month water consumption. The water level is monitored electronically, and the water reservoir is replenished according to the water level by computer aided control. The water supply within the building is also done electronically. The computerized control system senses any leakage or failure automatically to warn the service provider.

The water supplied to the reservoir is first let to settle. Then it is subject to purification process. The chlorine and micro-organisms are removed. The water distribution within the flat is performed via jacketed piping. It provides high degree hygiene. The service provider conducts periodic analysis on the service water.


Board of Property Owners is complete with 6 passenger lifts capable of providing access to the nearest stop via uninterrupted power supply in case of an electric power loss.

The lifts follow the utilization pattern thanks to its adaptive automation system. For example, the system allocates the nearest available lift for anyone who regularly descends from 20th floor every day at 07:00 and thus waiting time is shortened. Thanks to the statistical data accumulated in the data bank, the lifts facilitate the transportation process by adopting most frequented floors of the residence.

The lifts are complete with weight checks. In case of the limits established for weights are exceeded, the lift proceeds first station by disregarding any further call and prevents loss of time. Double clicking deletes the entry and thus saving from the time and energy is ensured.

The lifts are complete with the green certificate indicating that their periodic formal inspections are performed on periodic basis as provided under Official Journal of 18.11.2008 No. 27058.


It is the fact that elevated buildings are known as being more hazardous for the people as a result of fire and smoke. Therefore, Polat Tower Residence is complete with 2 pressurized fire ladders and an elevator.

The building as a whole is monitored on 24 hours/365 day basis. The trained team is in charge of providing help in 90 seconds to ensure eye-contact for emergency action. The integrity of the fire detectors is monitored by the automation for their replacement, if necessary.

A series of automated procedure is activated that triggers the ventilation system to discharge the smoke in case of a fire.

The stepwise evocation and direction announces are provided by automatic evacuation system between the floors in order to perform evacuation process smoothly without generating disorder or injury.

Polat Tower is equipped with fire extinguishing system with two diesel and two electric driven, altogether four fire pumps coupled to 1500 m3 water reservoir.

Furthermore, the employees are equipped with FM200 gaseous extinguishing system, which is used to protect the electronic system of the building operated in case of an emergency.


Polat Tower Residence provides parking lot complete with altogether 492 araçlık on behalf of the residents possessing parking lot access cards. The system prevents entry to the parking lot destined to a specific space occupied already.

The numbers of the spaces in the parking lot are registered to the title deed and therefore, spaces cannot be available for other residents, unless informal exchange between two residents.


Polat Tower is in possession of the highest registered helicopter pad. Providing free use for the residents, the pad is available for non-residents also at extra cost.