Polat Tower Residence Management is at the disposal of the residents via Operational Management on 7-day/24-hour basis.

Operational Management provides following services with its manager and shift chiefs.

Operational Management office resides within common area, indicated by Management Sign (Button A in Lift Cabin).

Contact Information

Operating Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday: 09:00 - 15:00
  • Sunday: Closed


A team of electrical and mechanical technicians is available as one team per each shift basis on 7-day/24-hour basis.

The technical service members perform providing repair and maintenance of common areas and technical services on behalf of detached sections. In regard to repair and maintenance services, the services are conducted within the general areas of the residence; including remedying electrical and mechanical breakdowns, repair and maintenance of the generator system, air conditioning systems, heating and purification system, remedying any mechanical, electrical, heating and air condition system failures and providing maintenance services on regular basis. Meanwhile, the teams are also responsible for providing modification, repair, installation and dismantling operations within detached sections.

Polat Tower Residence provides security services in line with special permission provided under Special Security Services Code No. 5188. To that end, Polat Tower Residence provides the security services on all day long.

1. Security Officers perform duties at the entry and exist, residence reception and CCTV automation center on 24-hour basis, in addition to the patrol services along such timing determined previously.
2. The security services are provided at the highest standards by supplementing by supplementing CCTV, Visual Intercom and Electronic Patrol Tour Inspection System, card reader and coded building entry system.
3. All visitors (guests, service personnel, delivery officers, etc.) are accepted from the residence site entry gate upon confirmation obtained from the residents.

The risk analysis is performed according to the properties of Polat Tower Residence and Protection and Security Plan is implemented, upon approval by Istanbul Police Department as provided under Code No. 5188. To ensure robust security services, the periodic rehearsals are planned and conducted against risks including sabotage, fire, theft, attack, collected actions, etc.

Cleaning is provided on behalf of the common areas outside the detached sections according to the established schedule. Garbage collection is performed on every other day from the garbage cans in the garbage rooms and delivered to garbage collection center. Special services including flat cleaning, dry cleaning, rag washing and cleaning, etc. are provided on behalf of the detached sections via relevant service providers.

The automation services are provided via either on shift basis all day long via skilled personnel. The automation personnel keeps track the defects via 35,349 junctions that are kept under control via automation system and relevant intervention is ensured upon information sent to on duty officer on timely basis. The technical support is provided on behalf of the residents of the detached sections on flat automation system installation and use.

The reception services are provided via either on shift basis all day long via skilled personnel. The relevant officers provide such services including informing the residents on the visitors via intercom system, who pay visit to the resident or deliver the order directed by the resident, receive the postal deliveries to install into the postbox.

It is the communication system to collect the proposals and complaint of the residents of Polat Tower Residence and provide emergency service to those who make request thereof. The complaints from the residents are classified and processed in order to provide rapid and robust solution.


The process is initiated first by submitting “Owner/Tenant Assignment Form” complete with the relevant documents (title deed/leasing contract enclosed) to Residence Building Operation Management. “Owner/Tenant Assignment Form” should provide the necessary responses as a whole and submitted to the management personally.

“The Required Documents” to move to Polat Tower Residence are as follows:

• ID information of the residents (complete with Turkish ID No.)
• For foreigners, copy of International Passport and its ratified translated copy
• Vehicle license plate information for parking lot access

Notw: It is necessary for the residing Property Owners or tenants to register at Fulya Local Administration within 20 (twenty) days after their move in the flat.

Following are required for formal registration by local administration:
Transfer document issued by previous local administration, copy of ID Certificate and “Residence Permission Correspondence issued by Polat Tower Residence Management. Then you are requested to apply to the relevant local administration with the address at Fulya Mahallesi Muhtarlığı - Bahçeler Sok. No: 4 Mecidiyeköy; Tel No. (0212) 211 50 44 – (0212) 266 33 33.

Training is provided on behalf of the new resident of Polat Tower Residence on the automated system in the flat by the residence administration.

The residents of Polat Tower Residence are requested to have PTR magnetic entry cart to have access into the building. Furthermore, parking lot access card is required to have access to the parking lot that provides one place for each residence. Access to the parking lot without access card isn’t allowed.

The residents of Polat Tower Residence may submit their requests on the common area services by calling Service Tel No. 1200 on 7-day/24-hour basis.

Overall immovable includes complicated systems that are indispensible for uninterrupted services provided on behalf of the residents. Ongoing services are the basic asset which influences the comforts of all owners of the independent sections. For this reason, it is deemed necessary for all residents to submit the amounts in Turkish Lira, which will correspond to the current value of US$1,000.00 (as to be determined on the basis of effective sales exchange rates offered by Turkish Central Bank as of the date of the payment) the fund the expenses and to COVER MINIMUM AMOUNT OF THE SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENT FOR OPERATIONAL PROJECTS, irrespective of the residents’ share in land. Each property owner is obliged to respect this principle and make the advance payment, irrespective whether the expenses are incurred or not. Turkish Lira equivalent of the advance payment in US Dollars are calculated and implemented during Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held in each February.

The residents are requested to observe the rules established by Building Operation Management for any modification works planned in the flat prior mobilization..